Google Drive is one of the most popular synchronization and backup platforms. It offers you many options. You can easily sync, share, and store your data by uploading it to its servers. However, are you unable to connect to Google Drive? If you are facing this issue, then do not worry. Follow the solutions mentioned below.

Allow via Firewall

You should pursue these steps given below:

  1. Hold the Windows and S buttons simultaneously to open the Search section.
  2. After that, input ‘firewall’ into it and then select the OK button to launch the Firewall screen.
  3. You should choose the top option and then choose the option of “Allow an app or feature through Firewall.”
  4. Go to the option of “Change Settings.”
  5. Later, scroll down the list, and don’t forget to mark both Private and Public options for Google Drive.
  6. Now, click on the option of Apply and try connecting to Google Drive again.

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